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Armed and Unarmed Patrol
When you or your business require the highest degree of protection, you can always count on our services. We can supply the most competently trained armed security guard personnel to conduct customized and specialized surveillance and guarding of your facilities for some of the most competitive rates in the market. If you'd like to learn more about the scope of office security guard services we can provide, just take a few moments to browse through the pages of the site. Our dedication to ongoing training and the highest standards make AISG your best choice.

Our training practices are an extremely important part of making sure we're doing everything in our ability to look after the safety of our clients. If you're unimpressed by the quality of experience and ability in unarmed security guards you've employed in the past, it's time to give AISG a call. We insist on an unsurpassed level of thorough training for all of our candidates. The classes on both old and new techniques are required of our unarmed and armed security guard personnel on an ongoing basis.

You can't do business if you're always on the lookout for threats to your company. Furthermore, protecting your offices is a duty best left to security patrol business professionals who understand the nuances of confrontation and the criminal element. Take no chances with your office safety; call us today and let us create a customized proposal for you. We'll recommend the best configuration of armed and unarmed security guards, as well as other measures, to make sure your workplace is safe at all times.

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